What can I do?

  • Please make a one-time donation via Paypal or set for monthly recurring payment. Also you can please get in touch with MEF officials at info@giveforeducation.org to register as a donating member, and make arrangements to donate monthly so that you can be part of the solution.
  • Spread the word, the needy communities are our responsibility, and we can create changes by focusing on educating the children resulting in a more educated, informed, and active communities. Start with your immediate then extended family and instill the idea that the goal for every child in our communities is to increase focus on education. This may sound like a dream, but great ideas and achievements start with a dream.

There are several reasons why you should donate. First, we are responsible for the communities in need, and when the communities suffer because of poverty, lack of education, and other misdeeds then directly or indirectly we feel the pain. Therefore, instead of feeling sorry and helpless, be part of a proactive group and do whatever you can to help. As a group, we can be more effective and contribute the awakening of the communities in need.

Second, many more people abroad are extremely blessed economically compared to many hundreds of poor people around the world. Many parents are struggling to feed their families to worry about sending children to school. As a result, many capable children are left without school because their parents can’t afford to pay any fees for them.

Third, every privileged person must help the poor. It means that we have to help each other with whatever we can afford (even $1) to move towards the path of the true and righteous human being and to increase our sense of belonging and ability to make a difference to those who are less fortunate. We have a lot to gain emotionally helping the poor.

1. MEF is a non-profit association and all the records are available to members for scrutiny. Every month the donating members receive a statement of donation collected and money spent (Treasury report).

2. All expenditures are approved by the membership body, and no one person can make a decision on how the money should be spent. Expenditures are a group effort. 

3. All recipients of funds (In Kenya) have to acknowledge in writing that they have received funds and show how the funds will be used as agreed. These correspondences are kept as records and are available for review by all the donating members.