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Our Achievements

In the first year (2006) the Association received donations from Donating Members residing in Texas which was contributed to three community organizations in Kenya to assist in various educational endeavors. The organizations in Kenya that received donations are:

1. MEDA (in Malindi)

2.MEWA (in Mombasa)

3.Amu Elders (Lamu).

In 2007 the Association is projected to have total donations on hand in the amount of $6700.00, of which some of the funds have been donated to MEDA (to help with girls tuitions) and to MEWA (to hire an Islamic religion teacher).

The Association is expecting to donate funds collected in 2007 to help in tuitions, complete a project of delivering computers to a primary school, and ship children book and early childhood learning material.

packing books and computers

Members packing computers and books shipped to MEWA, in Mombasa, Kenya
About Us

Our current focus is on the coastal communities on the East Coast of Africa. For many political and cultural reasons, these communities have been neglected by local governments, and have suffered immeasurable developmental loss as a result. Poor governance, unequal share of national resources, and disconnection from the mainland have resulted in poorer economic infrastructures in these villages than is the norm in other parts of these countries. 

We have found communities stripped of the ability to support themselves via economic activities that have sustained them through the ages. Fishing for example is threatened by illegal fishing vessels from other countries who illegally over-fish in their waters. The locals can only helplessly look on, unable to prevent it. Farming has been severely hampered by the lack of proper tools, fertilizers, and pesticides.  

We have found schools that are either seriously under developed or in a serious state of disrepair. Resources such as textbooks, notebooks, pens, and pencils are scarce. Classrooms are overcrowded with two children sharing a chair and three or more sharing a desk. Classrooms with no windows, no black boards, and limited teaching staff are surprisingly bustling with the business of learning. Children with enthusiasm, a love for learning, an active imagination, strong curiosity, and the sheer joy only apparent in children are running around in the playground, chattering endlessly in classrooms, and solemnly engrossed in their lessons. These are regular schools, just hindered by poverty.  

Our goals in these communities are: 

  • Build and repair schools and classrooms.
  • Provide educational materials such as textbooks and notebooks.
  • Provide computers to assist learning through technology
  • Donate school uniform and shoes to needy students
  • Provide scholarships and bursaries for students seeking higher education.
  • Provide access to continuing education to teaching staff.
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