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Proceeds from the sale of this CD go to supporting our cause.
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This school had only 7 desks until 25 more desks were donated. As you can see the students are still sharing desks, so more are desperately needed to allow them to study in comfort.

studying under a tree

The roof blew off of Pate School in Lamu and now the classes are scattered throughout the village. The first grade is held under a tree at the back of the school.

students in a hut

Some of the students are being taught in a temporary hut just outside the school. The overall performance of the school dropped dramatically last year after the disaster.
  • Please get in touch with the officials of MCA to inform them that you want to become a donating member, and make arrangements to donate monthly so that you can be part of the solution.

  • Spread the word, the community is our responsibility too, and we can create changes by focusing on educating our children resulting in a more educated, informed, and active community. Start with your immediate family, then the extended family, and install the idea that the goal for every child in our community is to increase focus on education. This may sound like a dream, but great ideas and achievements starts with a dream. We have to stop feeling sorry for our selves and our community, and copy others who changed their thinking pattern, took responsibility, and succeeded. We can too!!!

How can I be sure the money donated is used for the purpose intended?

We are in a technology saturated environment and as a result we are using technology to ensure everything we do is transparent.

1. MCA is a non-profit association and all the records are available to members for scrutiny. Every month the donating members receive a statement of donation collected and money spent (Treasury report).

2. All expenditures are approved by the membership body, and no one person can make a decision on how the money should be spent. Expenditures are a group effort.

3. All recipients of funds (In Kenya) have to acknowledge in writing that they have received funds and show how the funds will be used as agreed. These correspondences are kept as records and are available for review by all the donating members.

Why should I donate?
There are several reasons why you should donate. First, you are a part of the community in Kenya, and when it suffers because of poverty, lack of education, marginalization, and other misdeed then directly or indirectly you feel the pain. Therefore, instead of feeling sorry and helpless, be part of a proactive group and do what ever you can to help. As a group we can be more effective and contribute in the awakening of the community. Second, the Kenya Muslims abroad are extremely blessed economically compared to many hundreds of poor Muslims in Kenya. Many Muslims parents are struggling to feed their families to worry about sending children to school. As a result many capable children are left without school because their parents can’t afford to pay any fees for them.  Third, it is an obligation of every Muslim to help the poor, the Quran states,  “Speak to My servants who have believed that they may establish regular prayers and spend (in charity) out of the Sustenance”. Quran 14:31.  It means that we have to help each other with what ever we can afford (even $1) to move towards the path of the true and righteous and to increase our personal account with Allah hoping it may be favorable on the Day of Judgment. If we don’t help each other who will help us?
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