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The Teach Yourself Swahili CD is a unique interactive Swahili language course. It is designed to give you a very easy way to learn to speak, read, and write Swahili correctly at your own pace. The course is a collection of 29 lessons devoted to Swahili grammar and useful Swahili vocabulary. It's ideal for anyone - college students as well as casual language learners. New Swahili language learners will find this course to be a very easy start. Advanced learners will benefit from its unique presentation style and especially from the correct pronunciation of all the words provided by native speakers from Zanzibar.

The CD works with any computer with Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP operating system, equipped with a CD-ROM drive.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT and Audio CD. It will not play on an audio CD player or MP3 player. It only runs on a computer with the above-mentioned Windows operating systems. It will NOT run on a Macintosh computer.

CD Contents

Lesson 1: Alphabet
Lesson 2: Pronunciation Guide
Lesson 3: Letter Sounds
Lesson 4: Syllable Sounds
Lesson 5: Emphasis
Lesson 6: Personal Pronouns
Lesson 7: Prefixes - The Basics
Lesson 8: Prefixes for Pronouns and Tenses
Lesson 9: Verbs
Lesson 10: Sentence Examples
Lesson 11: Greetings
Lesson 12: Self Introduction
Lesson 13: Asking for Direction
Lesson 14: Asking for Help
Lesson 15: Relations
Lesson 16: Human Body Parts
Lesson 17: Food
Lesson 18: Numbers
Lesson 19: Days of the Week
Lesson 20: Time
Lesson 21: Clothes and Adornment
Lesson 22: Animals and Insects
Lesson 23: Professions
Lesson 24: Courtesy and Emergency
Lesson 25: Entertainment
Lesson 26: Home
Lesson 27: Office
Lesson 28: Travel
Lesson 29: Shopping

You can download from the link below a PDF file containing the manuscript used to create the Teach Yourself Swahili CD. Of course, the PDF file doesn't have the audio portion of the CD that captures the pronunciation of several Swahili words, phrases, and sentences.


Download Teach Yourself Swahili CD Content

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